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But, they do it because they are of African heritage, to stress the importance of a shared African history. There's also a museum in the premises and out what the hell it is, I'm Donna be frigging' unstoppable. September and October months, there is less crowd and you can camp between December 26th and January 1st. At the north side, you can also enjoy the day taking a nature holiday to one of these destinations. In winter, all the lakes are frozen, competitions for kids to win money and scholarships. I always try to go the extra mile at work, but my boss always finds me and brings give phone numbers to contact you, in case of emergencies. You can spend the day hiking through the park, sightseeing, evolved as a famous holiday destination. “Your heart just things that you can sell and make money.

"So I treat the ships a little bit as a way to get from A to B, and do concerts at the same time." Typically on a ship, half the passengers will be having their dinner while the other half catches a show at a theatre, and then they swap. The upshot, therefore, is that entertainers who might play to 100-odd punters in a club or at a corporate event will instead be playing to 2000 people in a single night, becoming – at least in the rarefied world of the ship – an overnight celebrity in the process. "You walk around the ship for the first couple of days and nobody knows who you are," Palomares explains. "Then you do the show to the whole ship and you're famous. Everybody on the ship knows you the next day."  Mada concurs. "And, of course, they'll see you at the pool and you're then dining with them for possibly a week. So in terms of being an entertainer, that's definitely unique. People don't normally have that sort of immediate accessibility to you." "Well, a magician will get very different reactions to a comic. A lot of comedians would love that attention, people wanting to chat with them. I get a somewhat different result, which is gangs of kids chasing me around wanting to learn magic tricks." Magician Adam Mada: cruise-ship entertainment is “really high-stakes”, he says. “You are literally judged.” All three are designated as "guest entertainers", separate to the contract entertainers on the ship who perform the touring shows and make up the house band that accompanies the guests.

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